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Wall of Honours

Meet Our 2024 Wall of Honours Recipient: A Tribute to Excellence

Dr ____

Meet [Name], our Wall of Honours recipient for 2024. With a profound dedication to palliative care and hospice, [Name] embodies the very essence of our first-ever Wall of Honours honoree. Their unwavering commitment has made them a symbol of excellence in this field. [Name]'s remarkable achievements have not only shaped our organization but have also left an enduring impact on palliative care in Malaysia. Continuously pushing the boundaries, [Name] inspires us all with their passion, resilience, and visionary leadership. Let us celebrate [Name]'s remarkable contributions and the legacy they have left for us to uphold.

Highlights from Previous Years


Dr ____

Dr ___ had involved in ...


Nurse ___

Nurse ___ had involved in .....



Dr .... had involved in ....

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