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An important aspect of Palliative care is listening to what people with personal experience of palliative and end of life care have to share. We encourage you to share your experiences or moments (happy and emotionally challenging) as a carer or a patient involved directly or indirectly with Palliative care to help others who are going through these challenging periods in their lives. 


You could share anything you deem suitable and could benefit others, such as:

  • pictures / memorabilia

  • quotes of encouragement

  • words of wisdom

  • even a personalized memory 

  • story


All your stories can be emailed to us at and we shall consider publishing it on our website once they are reviewed by our team. If your story is accepted for publication on our website we shall inform you personally via email.

By sharing your story with us you have consented to the usage of your story and related photographs for publication on the website and for official MHC work-related purpose such as conference, annual report, research/presentation.


If you need help and advice you can contact the Malaysian Hospice Council, any hospice services near you or a Palliative Care facility for guidance.

You can contribute to the Council by joining as individual or organisation members.
Click HERE for the link to the application forms.


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